It’s National Ice Cream Day… and I really want to be at WDW


So I have a confession to make.  No matter how many diets I go on, exercise programs I master, or steps I walk on the treadmill there is one food that is my Kryptonite.  Ice Cream.  If I could find a way to simply survive on the various flavors and concotions I would do it.  And I fully believe if I dug deep enough, my obsession with the frozen treat started in Walt Disney World.

I began going to WDW with my Grandparents in 1986, during the 15th Anniversary Celebration.  And the incredibly easy access to ice cream was in a word, glorious!  There was (and still is to this day) ice cream on EVERY CORNER!  And I’m not alone in my love of Ice Cream in the Happiest Place on Earth.  Over 3.3 Million (MILLION!) Mickey Ice Cream Bars are sold every year.  That doesn’t include Dole Whips, Fruit Bars, and Scoops at other locations.  Ice Cream concoctions make there appearance on EVERY menu somewhere within Walt Disney World, and as a child it was nothing for me to wait in every line possible holding an ooey gooey melt in the sun treat.

Where are the best places to catch some delightful frozen treats on property?  Here are my top Five spots:

Aloha Isle (Also Captain Cooks for you Poly Fans out there!)

Located in the hustle and bustle of Adventureland, Aloha Isle is a little inconspicuous to most of the new Disney Travelers.  That is until they see the MILE LONG LINE outside of this shop.  Serving up the classic Dole Whip, seen here in all of it’s glory:

This tasty (but very rich, you have been warned) treat is a staple of most Guests’ vacations since the 70’s.  A whip comprised of tasty Pineapple and Vanilla Swirl, or you can get it as a Float with vanilla or pineapple ice cream bathing in a pool of fresh pineapple juice, is not only refreshing after walking the parks all day; it’s downright delicious!

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor

This corner on Main Street is always turning out delightfully tasty deserts.  As well if you dine at the Plaza Restaurant located just around the corner, their entire Desert menu is comprised of the selections available at the Ice Cream Parlor as they are connected!  The patio location has been a favorite parade and people watching location for my family since I was a girl, and it isn’t uncommon to find the Dapper Dans serenading you in true “Music Man” fashion as you nosh on your delicious sundae!

Beaches & Cream

There are quite a few places on property to get your standard sundae or scoop.  But, there is only ONE place to get the Holy Grail of Ice Cream Sundaes.  The Kitchen Sink.  This bad boy comes with the following (No Joke!):

There are of course MANY other treats on the menu here including a Milky Way Sundae and some of the nummiest milkshakes on property!

The Ice Cream Cart

You want a Mickey Bar, check out those carts all over the parks!

For a quick on the go treat you simply can’t beat the cart.  Featuring not only the aforementioned Mickey Bars, they also house Frozen Bananas, Dole Pineapple Bars, Edy’s Strawberry Bars and other tasty items.  In true Disney fashion they make sure there is plenty of supply to meet demand all over property!

Boardwalk’s Seashore Sweets

A delightful confection location (see what I did there?) on the Boardwalk where you can get not only hand scooped ice cream but soft serve in a variety of flavors with  many different toppings!  As well this is a “Sweet” location in that they also offer baked goods, fudge, cookies, etc. etc. etc. !  Great for getting a sundae and taking in the entertainment on the Boardwalk!

So why all of this love for ice cream?  I guess it goes to show that even in the every day when someone announces on Facebook “Hey it’s National Ice Cream Day!” my thoughts (and I am sure the thoughts of many Disney Fans) doesn’t go to that awesome ice cream social I went to long ago, or the dog days of summer.  My mind goes to a Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, a tropical island location in Adventureland, a cart on Sunset Boulevard.

Where are some of your favorite stops for ice cream at the Disney Parks?