New Rope Drop Procedures At Magic Kingdom

You may have heard the newest hot ticket attraction at the Magic Kingdom isn’t some new ride, or restaurant or even a parade or show.  No the newest most exclusive experience in the Magic Kingdom on both coasts has become the Character Meet and Greet with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  I have seen consecutive days now of Guests reporting 300 minute wait times (that equates to 5 hours!) in order for a 5 minute audience with the Royal Pair from Disney’s Frozen.

Disney has instituted a guided process to the Royal Hall at rope drop as there was shall we say, some less than savory behaviors presented as Guests ran, trampled and otherwise RUSHED towards Fantasyland as if it were Black Friday and Fantasyland were stocked with free iPads.  So upon landing on Main Street at rope drop in the morning Cast Members will have a rope that will guide Guests in a CALM and SAFE manner to their destination and minimize disorder.

My thoughts on this meet and greet are simple, I think it’s rather out there to wait 300 minutes for a 5 minute Meet and Greet when you could do so much more with those 5 hours in the park.  If you were to break it down into dollars and cents think about the going rate of a park ticket, then divide that by the number of hours you could spend in the park realistically touring. You get a palpable number that those 300 minutes waiting amount to at that point, then when you weigh it amongst all of the other experiences you could take in it doesn’t make sense.  Not to mention wait times such as these, combined with limited FP availability to start has precluded many Guests with Disabilities the ability to wait.  You can speak with Guest Relations about this need, but be very specific as to why you need the pass.  As well something to consider is that violent crowd like behaviors are simply not tolerated at Disney, and the law doesn’t take a vacation.  Even though you may be in “Disney World” it still remains under the jurisdiction of local authorities.  People have been charged with assault for deeming a line offense worthy of physical retribution in the past.  So proceed with caution.  If you are in this line and someone is exhibiting behaviors that warrant a response GET A CAST MEMBER!

As well I think that Anna and Elsa really need to be spread around a bit more.  Akershus is a PERFECT venue for these two as they can easily fit in with the setting given that Frozen was based in none other than Norway.  They could also have a meet and greet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios considering their film won two Academy Awards.  I think the more opportunities people have to meet these characters the less pandemonium we would see at the Magic Kingdom every morning.

So what are your thoughts readers?  Would you wait 300 minutes to meet characters?

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