The Poly Is Getting an Upgrade and a Retrograde Simultaneously


Disney has long been known to not let sleeping dogs lie at the resorts and continuously their construction crews seem to be in perpetual motion at one resort or another.  So now the law of averages has set the Polynesian Resort directly in the site of the refurb crew, and boy howdy are they making some noise.

The Polynesian is going a bit Retro in this upgrade in the “new” but OLD name.  It is returning the name I remember first hearing: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  Just hearing that throws me back to the Eighties.  With the new/old name does come sizable changes that if you book the resort you should know about.  First, the pool.  I know plenty of people book the Poly based on the awesome pool, I mean it has a Volcano with a slide.  But unfortunately during the refurb the pool will not be accessible for some of the time.  Disney has an answer for this and while the pool is closed (July 26th through roughly early 2015) Guests will be treated to a complimentary ticket to the Blizzard Beach Water Park:

“Each Guest will receive one (1) complimentary ticket for each member of their party to visit Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park during their stay. To ensure a seamless visit, transportation will be provided to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. Guests will enter through a dedicated check-in point where they will receive their complimentary tickets and towels.” So hey, bonus!

the Lobby will be undergoing quite a substantial change in the coming months so be aware of that.  We recommend you allow us or your Travel Agent to handle your online check in to expedite your arrival.  There is a petition online to save the majestic indoor waterfall that helped to make this Resort such an iconic Disney retreat.  If you want more details on that click here.

Restaurants surrounding the Lobby should be impacted slightly in their operations, so it is best to ask when making those ‘Ohana reservations what to expect.

Overall communications are key when any refurb is going on at a Disney Resort.  If you think this would negatively impact your stay in the coming months I would recommend other Monorail Line Resorts or try Epcot area Deluxe Level for a similar proximity to the parks and level of Resort.

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