Amy Hughes has worked in the travel and marketing industries since 2001. As a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort, Amy was trained in treating all visitors to the various resorts as Guests, and also trained in the world class service that continuously sets Disney apart as a travel destination. Planning bi-annual trips with her Grandparents since the age of 5, Amy has visited the Walt Disney World Resort over 30 times since 1985.

As a parent, Amy has planned trips to help her children make the most of their park experience. Having a child with special needs, Amy works to help other parents plan vacations for children on the Autism Spectrum, Asperger’s, ADHD, PDD-NOS, and other Sensory Processing Disorders. “Disney can be overload for Neurotypical people, so I can only imagine how it affects those with sensitivities and sensorial processing and developmental delays. We find ways of helping children, families and adults experience Disney their own way and at their own pace. We really want them to enjoy their time on property no matter the diagnosis.”

Amy also has expertise in planning trips from a date at the Magic Kingdom for two all the way to a grand gathering for 19 and everything in between. Amy also has extensive knowledge of Disney Parks history, the Disney Companies storied past, and is passionate about Imagineering and Pixar films. Contact Amy today for a quote on your Disney Vacation!


You can contact Amy at amy@upanduptravel.net!

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