New Rope Drop Procedures At Magic Kingdom

You may have heard the newest hot ticket attraction at the Magic Kingdom isn’t some new ride, or restaurant or even a parade or show.  No the newest most exclusive experience in the Magic Kingdom on both coasts has become the Character Meet and Greet with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  I have seen consecutive days now of Guests reporting 300 minute wait times (that equates to 5 hours!) in order for a 5 minute audience with the Royal Pair from Disney’s Frozen.

Disney has instituted a guided process to the Royal Hall at rope drop as there was shall we say, some less than savory behaviors presented as Guests ran, trampled and otherwise RUSHED towards Fantasyland as if it were Black Friday and Fantasyland were stocked with free iPads.  So upon landing on Main Street at rope drop in the morning Cast Members will have a rope that will guide Guests in a CALM and SAFE manner to their destination and minimize disorder.

My thoughts on this meet and greet are simple, I think it’s rather out there to wait 300 minutes for a 5 minute Meet and Greet when you could do so much more with those 5 hours in the park.  If you were to break it down into dollars and cents think about the going rate of a park ticket, then divide that by the number of hours you could spend in the park realistically touring. You get a palpable number that those 300 minutes waiting amount to at that point, then when you weigh it amongst all of the other experiences you could take in it doesn’t make sense.  Not to mention wait times such as these, combined with limited FP availability to start has precluded many Guests with Disabilities the ability to wait.  You can speak with Guest Relations about this need, but be very specific as to why you need the pass.  As well something to consider is that violent crowd like behaviors are simply not tolerated at Disney, and the law doesn’t take a vacation.  Even though you may be in “Disney World” it still remains under the jurisdiction of local authorities.  People have been charged with assault for deeming a line offense worthy of physical retribution in the past.  So proceed with caution.  If you are in this line and someone is exhibiting behaviors that warrant a response GET A CAST MEMBER!

As well I think that Anna and Elsa really need to be spread around a bit more.  Akershus is a PERFECT venue for these two as they can easily fit in with the setting given that Frozen was based in none other than Norway.  They could also have a meet and greet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios considering their film won two Academy Awards.  I think the more opportunities people have to meet these characters the less pandemonium we would see at the Magic Kingdom every morning.

So what are your thoughts readers?  Would you wait 300 minutes to meet characters?

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Is Set To Officially Open May 28th!


So it’s been a long time hasn’t it?  I mean we’ve watched this attraction it feels like more than any in recent memory, and the anticipation has been palpable.  When oh when will the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train be open so we can ride?  Well we got our answer last Friday in a whirlwind day of Disney news releases: May 28th is the day.  Image

Cast Member previews as of this date have already started according to those I know in the parks.  As well when Disney released the Fast Pass + option for booking opening day it crashed the system.  This was certainly not good for Travel Agents like me who were in that same system booking FastPass+ and Dining Options on a day where Free Dining was announced 🙂  But it shows the anticipation in a literal way, people have craved this attraction for some time.  I think this is because there isn’t one Disney fan out there who doesn’t love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I mean really, on a visceral level, it’s right up there with Mickey Mouse.  It’s the original, the one that started it all right?  And in some ways we all have that childlike sensibility about these characters that makes us love them all.

If you go online you can find virtual ride throughs and as well you can discover your “Dwarf” name!  Check out the links below to experience what you can “virtually” from the comfort of your own home if waiting until your next trip is not going to do for your needs!

We’ll of course stay on this opening and let you know of any news worthy updates!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Interractive Links:

All about the Interractive Queue

Virtual Ride Through

A Look At the Audio Animatronics

Check Here For Additional Accessibility Info

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Dates Have Been Released!


For Walt Disney World when the night air turns from swelter to cool and crisp in the evenings, that is the time when ghouls and goblins by the score roam Main Street U.S.A. in search of fun and frolic with their favorite Disney Characters!  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is an amazing hard ticket even offered on select nights inside of the Magic Kingdom.  On these nights every land in the Magic Kingdom is transformed in lighting, decorations & eery music and streetmosphere into a “not so scary” experience for the entire family!

The dates for the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World were released today along with pricing and here they are!

Walt Disney World:

Hours: 7:00 pm – midnight, Parade at 8:15 pm and 10:30 pm, Fireworks at 9:30 pm

Pricing does vary by Month, and as well as you get closer to Halloween itself the price per ticket goes up, as well you can save if you purchase in advance versus purchasing at the gate.  Several dates will sell out including Halloween Night so if you will be there over these dates and would like to go be sure to purchase well in advance.  Also if you are traveling to the parks during these dates and have already attended be advised the Magic Kingdom will close early on these dates:

September 1, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 2014

  • Advance Purchase:  Adult: $62.00 + tax, Child: $57.00 + tax

October 2, 3, 5, 9, 13, 16, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 2014

  • Advance Purchase:  Adult: $67.00 + tax, Child: $62.00 + tax

October 10, 17, 24, 30, 2014

  • Advance Purchase: Adult: $71.00 + tax, Child: $66.00 + tax

October 31, 2013

  • Advance Purchase: Adult: $77.00 + tax, Child: $72.00 + tax


Our family was delighted to experience this event in 2011 with our boys and my Grandmother and it was a highlight of our trip.  There are a few different offerings though that you will want to be aware of when planning to attend:

Everyone Can Dress Up!

Yes, even the adults.  Usually Disney has a rule that adults cannot dress up within their parks (especially as Disney characters) well on these nights they make an exception and EVERYONE can get in on the fun!  We saw a little Nemo Baby with two Jellyfish parents all the way to a fully decked out pirate family boarding Pirates of the Caribbean to the Muppets wandering around.  So long as it’s in “good taste” Disney usually delights in the creative endeavors of it’s guests.  Remember though the title of the party is “Not So Scary” so apply that accordingly to your costumes.  As well remember you aren’t in the Northeast for Halloween, you’re in Orlando, and yes in September and October it’s still very hot and humid and you can have storms creep in unannounced.  So plan your costumes to be a bit lighter than you would wear elsewhere.


Prepare for Loads of Candy

Even if you only do one or two candy trails you could walk out with the provided bags completely full to the brim.  Disney does provide a smaller bag when you come inside, but if candy is the name of the game for your kids you might want to bring another bag (Disney Shopping bags work awesome for this) to periodically dump the excess into.  We ended up bringing home enough candy to put our suitcase over the 50 pound limit so got another bag to put the candy and additional souvenirs into for the flight home.  If you or your child is diabetic, or has peanut allergies or any number of dietary restrictions that would mean they would need an alternative treat be sure to check in at Guest Relations and they will provide treats specifically for those dietary restrictions so all may partake!


This Is A Hard Ticket Event

The admittance for this party is considered a hard ticket event, meaning that your standard park admittance won’t allow you in.  In fact on these nights the Magic Kingdom closes early to day guests (usually 7 p.m.) so that those with a hard ticket are permitted to stay with less crowds.  The cost can be higher, so be prepared.  You can though enter the park any time in the afternoon to get the most out of the price.  I usually recommend a day plan like this: Stay in the resort, relax, swim, maybe visit Downtown Disney; have lunch, take a nap, then start getting ready around 2-3.  Arrive at the Magic Kingdom around 4 and have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the Magic Kingdom or surrounding resorts and then start going on attractions.  You will notice a shift in the guests in the following 2-3 hours as the day guests leave and the partygoers arrive in full force.

In the even of inclement weather, those aforementioned storms that can crop up, you can get a rain check for an alternate date the same year usually.  But if you are say leaving the next day it can be dicey.  Just remember there are no refunds on the purchase so if rain would keep you away you may want to plan for an October party versus a September date.


There Are Many Options So Choose Wisely

As with any Disney event they stock the parks with a great many touring options and special offerings to allow their Guests to get the most of their party dollar.  You can choose from Candy Trails, Dance Parties, Special Parades, Exclusive Character Meet & Greets (Captain Jack Sparrow is usually out and the Seven Dwarfs), Talented Streetmosphere (especially over at the Haunted Mansion) and a lot of merchandise.  So I suggest choosing 2 or 3 and prioritizing what you really really really want to experience and sticking with it.  We opted for a couple of character meet and greets, candy trails and hitting some attractions we hadn’t done earlier in our trip and as well of course going on the Haunted Mansion.  It was Halloween Night after all!  We also wanted to be sure to catch the Headless Horseman trotting through and see Hallowishes which in my review is probably the most impressive fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom’s calendar.

You can also listen to our experience as I was a featured guest on the Special Mouse Podcast episode all about touring Mickey’s Not So Scary!  Check it out here.

So in all it’s a wonderful experience, especially if you love Halloween and love Disney and you have kids like mine who despite being older elementary age still don’t go for gore and are more into spooky, but not TOO spooky!  If you would like assistance in purchasing tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary on either coast be sure to contact Up & Up Travel, LLC at or Click Here to contact them via web form!




Disneybility Days at the Disney Parks


Was having a thought, and I’ve touched on this idea before, but I would love to see a day (or several) dedicated to Disabilities at the Disney Parks in North America. I mean there are groups from every background, interest and passion that plan events at the Disney Parks, but to my knowledge there is not a set event each year for guests with disabilities.

What I would love to see is all of us, young and adult, cognitive and mobility; vision and hearing impaired, families and individuals of every kind vacationing together to celebrate our love of the parks. Families who only know each other online from forums, social media or support groups could tour together and yes, learn from one another.  Further say you have two single parents with children with disabilities who have been unable to go because of the recent changes be able to team up and tour successfully?  Alone, we can only do so much, but together we can really help one another.  As well, if this becomes successful enough, there is the possibility of group rates through Disney to help everyone out.  I know the costs of therapies for our kids, and if your family is like ours, the therapies come before a trip to Disney on the financial side of things.  But with the possibility of working together, I love that idea of people teaming up, maybe sharing rooms to offset costs and yes touring together in order to provide a support for one another.

Overall the emphasis I feel should be positive.  It’s not a sit-in, not a protest, it’s to celebrate the diversity in our community, to help one another and yes to be in the Happiest Place on Earth in a healthy constructive way.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea and if you are interested in making it more than an idea feel free to Like and participate in our planning page

Also a HUGE Mega Thank you to Rob Stevens a/k/a @SuperRob for tying our Event Name together today!

Share your thoughts on this idea in the comments below!

Breaking News: Changes to the Newly Implemented DAS


Follow Up Posted Here

As of this past weekend we heard reports that the added accommodations to the newly released DAS (Disability Access Service) Card were being phased out.

“Not happy, was just told by GR CM at the MK that additional DAS accommodations are being ‘weaned away’, so we were only given one set of re-ads today.” -Mark Vitek, blogger at

I had hoped initially this was Cast Member misinformation, as we have found at times some Cast Members are more open to giving of the Re-Ads (Readmission Passes which allowed a guest to ride an attraction several times in a row if they chose and was used in conjunction with the DAS Card) than others.  However this morning, Monday, we heard confirmation that many locals were being told the exact same thing, the RE-ADS were being phased out immediately.  According to Kathleen Kelly with the Special Mouse Podcast, this was confirmed by calling the Disney Guest Relations phone:



“Edited to Add, as there was some confusion on what exactly was going away: Just the The Re-Admission passes are being taken away. When you approached Guest Relations at the start of your trip and requested the DAS, Guests also would ask for a couple of sets of Re-Ads (readmission passes) which would let their children or families ride an attraction a set number of times. These were given at the start a bit begrudgingly but were still given, usually about 3 sets for each member of the family.
We received confirmation that those added accommodations (the RE-Ads) are now gone effective immediately. The rest of the DAS accommodations, obtaining a return time in addition to your Fast Pass times or stand by times, still remain. Just this added slight perk is going away for these families so nesting or cocooning behaviors will be more difficult to assuage.”

So we go back to letter writing as it were.  And I encourage those effected, namely anyone with a child with Autism, to write and POLITELY voice your concerns.  Here are mine:

Children and Adults with Autism are noted for their nesting behaviors.  This can extend to attractions in the theme parks in that many, like my son have the need to ride certain attractions 3 times in a row or at least that (there is usually a predisposition for 3s).  These attractions can range from non popular rides like say Muppet Vision 3-D to your more thrill seeking attractions like Expedition Everest or Tower of Terror. The person with Autism seeks the sensation the ride offers in order to calm and be able to tour in a more socially calm manner.

For us this means straight away we head to Haunted Mansion and we ride 3 times.  That could be just me and our son, all four or five of us, or my husband and son, some variation until this is completed.  There are those who would say that’s something we need to make our son get over, we shouldn’t tie up any lines with this need, etc. And it is something we work on considerably while there and at home, waiting our turn and moving on.  But our son has this one request, and if that is met, he is better able to cope with the Park environments as we tour.

There are others who state “If your child can’t handle it, then stay home.” To which I say, “Why should I?  Why should anyone be forced to stay home if reasonable accommodations can be made to help them enjoy their time out in society?”  Just because someone has a disability in no way should they have to be sequestered away.  In fact, the more they are out in the “mainstream” the more they learn how to adapt and the more neurotypical or able bodied people are able to learn about how to interact in more healthy ways with them.  See what I mean?  Our son is able to grow a great deal while we vacation because it makes him come out of his routines in some ways, he is made to adapt to different foods, schedules and abilities.  If all it takes for him to be able to do that is admittance to an attraction a few times in a row, fine.  The only way people with disabilities have been able to make these accommodations available is by being present in the mainstream society and asking for reasonable accommodations, not by hiding at home because they may not be able to take it or someone else might be slightly inconvenienced.

Nesting or Cocooning Behaviors are quite common amongst individuals with a myriad of Cognitive or Developmental Disorders, and not just Autism.  There is a fair amount of overlap amongst the individuals and to wit this effects more than just a few Guests and their families.  I understand the wide spread abuse, and why necessary changes must be made.  I don’t want to see anyone abusing a system that was put in place to help families like mine and so many others who truly can benefit from it.  The Readmission passes in a big way made the changes from GAC to DAS more bearable for these families.  And while others may see it as these families abusing the policy, what I see is a parent or caregiver strapped to 1-3 rides all day long.  So while another family may move on and see a fair bit of the park, these families are usually seeing 1/3rd of the same park in the same amount of time.  It really doesn’t compare.

Here are some initial reactions from other parents and families:

“I just don’t understand. I’m so disappointed in Disney. I think many of us are trying to be heard but they don’t care. There are several fb pages that have been talking about the changes to Guest Assistance since before it rolled out, many letters, calls and complaints to Disney and four months into it, they are making it harder, not easier. I Love Disney but the reason we loved it was because it made a vacation possible. I don’t get the direction they are going in…” – Stephanie Grimm Sharon, parent and page admin at Autism Warrior Mom

“This will greatly reduce our son’s ability to fully enjoy a day at the Disney Parks. With the existing limits on in-park FastPass+ availability, the DAS card simply isn’t enough to accommodate his needs and I can see where other families will be impacted even more so than ours. We find it saddening that Disney, especially given their excellent history of autistic accommodations, would now suddenly appear to be pushing away a segment of their guest audience who truly do find Magic at Disney.” -Mark Vitek, parent and blogger at and Wishes and Pixie Dust

Some solutions I initially thought of include using the DAS, Standby, then FP+ time or some variance of that combination.  So if you have a DAS Card, get a time to return, while waiting for that time to come available get a FP+ time on your Magic Band, while awaiting both of these times try standing in the Standby line if it is at a slower time.  For us, with our son’s love of the Haunted Mansion, this would probably work for our touring strategy.  We also will have to split up more often and tour with earbuds, our iPad mini and or a Nintendo DS in order to provide him the ability to wait in more standby lines.  We will also have to re-evaluate when we go and take more time off from school if at all possible so that we go to the parks only in the slowest of times, which are fewer and farther between now.

Another idea, though it’s rather pie in the sky, is to roll the DAS into the MyDisneyExperience app, this way there would be no kiosks to seek out, no Cast Member to find at the front of the Attraction.  You schedule your DAS return times just like you would your FastPass+ times.  If you show up without a DAS pass you cannot access the attraction at that time you will have to use one of your FastPass+ times to ride that attraction.  This would minimize the amount of work parents and families would have to do when obtaining these passes for their loved ones while touring and simplify the process immensely.

For more ideas on “Making It Work”, check out our post on touring with the DAS with no re-ads here: Keep Calm and Make It Work

What is your reaction to these newly implemented changes?  Let us know in the comments.

Why Would You Use A Disney Travel Agent?


We live in an age of instant information.  Some of the people I follow on Twitter, blogs I read or Groups I am a part of on Facebook in fact give me real time information from Disney so that I know basically at any moment what is happening hours and time zones away from my office.  If I want to know something, anything really, I can click on a search engine type my question and see dozens of pages of answers.  So in this age of constant data, why would you use a Disney Travel Agent to plan your family’s vacation?

1.) Time.  Just because you CAN plan your vacation doesn’t mean you HAVE the time to do so.  I know because I have been there.  The kids, your husband, your wife, the house, the job, Church, school activities, LAUNDRY, family, the car, the pets, trying to fit in a workout, or time for friends the list goes on and on; planning vacations is fun, believe me I love lists and spreadsheets, and that thrill of lining out a to-do, and looking at all of the sites and yes, I even love the hold music at Disney.  But, do you have the time to wade through the mountains of information and line out a thought out travel plan?  What is your time worth in this process?

2.) Experience. I count myself very lucky that my Grandparents saw fit to take me many times to Walt Disney World, and that I have had the privilege in my life of being a Cast Member and taking my own children several times.  And while I have traveled to a Disney Park many a time, I also have made knowing Disney more than just a hobby, it’s a livelihood.  We’ve been called “That Disney family” in most any circle of friends, and chances are if there is a movie on in our house, it’s Disney related.  If I’m reading a book for pleasure, it’s about the Disney Company.  Most of the social media groups and connections I have are to the Disney based Travel industry so that I stay constantly in the loop.  My 30 years of constant involvement in Disney I feel is an asset, and my purpose when I help families is not to sell them on something they don’t want.  I want to help families experience the Disney I know and love.  I want them to not need a vacation from their vacation and to also come up with solutions from contacts, so they don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to afford Disney.  We are going on our 4th Generation of Disney Traveling in our family, and I constantly draw from that storied history in order to craft the most desirable vacation for our Clients so they truly enjoy Disney and want to go back as soon as they board their return flight home.

3.) Cost. You ever look at what you need to get accomplished in a given day and wonder if you can clone yourself just to get it all accomplished?  I have.  I’ve looked at the ceiling and thought, “How on EARTH am I going to get through my list today?” And after pouring copious amount of coffee down my gullet I may get 75-80% accomplished if I am lucky.  Well imagine having for your Disney Vacation a personal assistant that you don’t have to pay?  It’s true.  My services come at NO COST to my clients.  I am paid a commission based on just the amount you book.  This doesn’t give me broad range to up-sell you on things you don’t want.  I truly want you to have the best Disney vacation possible for the most cost effective dollar amount.  But, no, my services are at no charge to you.  Seriously. On the flip side of this I am constantly on the look out for new promotions that effect your travel date and will AUTOMATICALLY REBOOK your vacation for the lesser amount so that you get the most Disney for the vacation dollar.  If you book on your own you have to keep aware of the promotions and hope to get them before they are fully booked up.  I am usually up by 5 a.m. on these mornings and on the phone rebooking Clients so that before the sun even rises they’ve saved hundreds if not thousands by my efforts.

4.) It’s Still Your Vacation.  While I help you plan, by making your reservations, dining plans, changes to your tickets, and can answer any number of questions about the various parks and resorts, it’s still your vacation.  We consider our planning a partnership.  I want you to be as educated as possible so that you are able to navigate the parks once you arrive.  So I will send to you travel packets based entirely on your travel dates that showcases your resort, special events, what new changes have happened to the parks, your dining plans, nighttime fireworks and shows, Smart Phone apps, what parks to visit on which days and so on.  In addition I will constantly point out any information I find that will help you become a Disney veteran Guest so you know how to work through your vacation and don’t feel lost upon arrival.  I make it so that Clients also have any number of means for communicating with me.  I have answered my Clients questions via text while they are at the parks in order to fully assist them with Dining reservations, rebook events, or help point in them in the direction of the nearest Walgreens.  I’m here to support your vacation in any way I can.

5.) Agency Specific Offers.  Chances are if you book directly with Disney you can get the exact same amounts I offer.  It’s true.  But, in addition to all of the other services I provide I also offer Agency specific upgrades for our Clients.  From referral percentages to gifts for my clients to Disney Gift Cards to use for your vacation I am constantly taking feedback so that the offers we provide are consistent with what our Clients want.  Will Disney give you a gift card or referral amount for booking with them directly or alert you to new promotions?  Probably not.  But, we do because we want to earn your business with every service we offer and make you an invaluable member of our company.  So it’s a part of our make-up it’s a perk that we offer.

So, you can book on your own, you can.  I did for many years.  But, when I think back on the amounts I could have saved, time spent, and advice I didn’t heed eh, I wish I had.  I’m fiercely independent at heart, but sometimes it pays to shelve that DIY-ness and rely on someone with experience to step in and guide so that you get the most use out of your time and expenses.  I welcome your questions, your input, and yes if you are planning on a  Disney vacation I would be honored to provide you a quote so that I have the opportunity to show you what I can provide your family.  If you would like to contact me please feel free!  My email is  Or if you would like a quote you can click here to fill out our handy dandy quote request form.  I look forward to earning your business and your trust.  And work for you so that I can help your dream vacation reach it’s full potential.

Dapper Days at Disneyland

Children attend opening of Disneyland in 1955

Few things capture the Disney fan’s imagination like thinking about what Disneyland was like on that fateful opening day.  Indeed there is a legend that the pavement was not allowed to cure long enough before park opening and if you look in specific spots you will see the divots from a multitude of well shod female guests heels as they trod (and possibly sank a bit) in the not fully hardened pavement.

Walt’s opening day is all over the park to this day and in some corners you can still hear his speech (New Orleans Square train station, the morse code beeping is none other than a transcript of that speech).  So it’s no wonder that an event such as Dapper Days takes over Disneyland (and now Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris) for a day of a look back in time.  When well dressed guests show their modern counterparts just how fashion ruled Main Street.

Ironically enough I was pointed to the event by an article on “Saving Mr. Banks” where the reviewer described the sumptuous back ground costuming in the Disneyland scenes thusly: “We see a Disneyland where every day was Dapper Day.” and they were so kind as to include a link.  I was intrigued, and as I began to view photos, look boards, and spoke with the event coordinators, I fell in love with this event.  Inside my head screamed, “YES! This is the perfect way to experience Disneyland!” and I was right.  See, I had never actually been to Disneyland as yet in my life.  I had visited Walt Disney World dozens of times, and am a former Cast Member there.  But can you think of a BETTER way to experience Disneyland as a Disney fan than to see it on Dapper Day?


So, I started to plan.  I had recently before our trip found Disneybounding and again was in love with the idea of blending fashion (beyond quaint Disney tee shirts and sneakers) and my love of Disney.  So I took Disneybounding and I set a Vintage tone.  I also had a few factors to think about:

  • We are a family with Special Needs, and with Autism event specific clothing has to be almost over thought.  So I included our son in the planning of his outfit by asking what he thought he could wear for 3-4 hours with breaks in between (say taking off the hat, loosening of the suspenders, removing the bow tie, etc.)  We actually had no issues with his look at all and he remained comfortable the entire evening.
  • Heat and Humidity.  When we arrived in Southern California I was informed that Anaheim was experiencing a “freak” heat wave.  And we were planning on being dressed to the nines with the adults in the group wearing more inside the walls of a theme park than we ever had before.  So I made adjustments, vests stayed in the hotel, hosiery as well, shawls were carried in just in case the weather took a turn.  But the looks were designed for innate comfort to begin with so we wouldn’t be overheated.
  • Heels or Flats. Yes, this was a thought, and yes I wore heels. (And the next time I won’t.  If you do Dapper Days, wear flats or a low pump.  Those ladies in the fifties who made the divots in the sidewalk? They are better women than me.)
  • Have our hair done by a professional or do it ourselves?  (We ended up having this blended and I allowed our friend J to go in my place in the stylists chair while I did my own look.)

Overall our looks came out wonderfully vintage and yes kept us in Disney Style as we chose characters from Alice in Wonderland:

Mad HatterLook MarchHareDapperDayLook WhiteRabbitLookDapperDay AliceforDapperDay QueenofHeartsDapperDay

And this is how we all turned out:

We made reservations at the Blue Bayou which never fails to disappoint, and we will have a review of our dining experience there on this blog shortly.One thing I wish we had done was take more photos.  So many stopped us to take our group photo, but we never took one of all of us together.

If I could describe walking up Main Street dressed as Guests would have on opening day? I would have to say it was ephemeral and exhilarating.  Heads turned, no doubt.  People complimented us, and there is this sense of camaraderie amongst the attendees where you wish each other a “Happy Dapper Day!” and nod as you pass.  There is a gentleness, a politeness that is not stuffy but warm and welcoming.  I loved seeing everyone in their looks, vintage garb, and dapper duds.  While we didn’t get a chance to do a great many group activities I plan on next time being able to do so.  What can I say I’m hooked!

If you are thinking of going to Dapper Days at any of the Disney theme parks I encourage (no I INSIST!) you go on that day.  Are crowds heavier? Sure.  But man are they well dressed and polite!  If you can, join in by wearing Vintage looks as a family or a group of friends.  I thought I had had all the fun I could have at a Disney park, and I was wrong.  It truly is a remarkable time in the parks, where you get a glimpse at what it must’ve have looked like in that bygone era when Walt roamed the parks.

Check out Dapper Days at these following Social Media Links:

Dapper Day Website

Dapper Day on Facebook

Dapper Day on Twitter

Dapper Day on Instagram

ETA: It looks as though Disney (by pure coincidence) also blogged about this Fantabulous event today so be sure to check out their Style Blog Entry!