The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Is Set To Officially Open May 28th!


So it’s been a long time hasn’t it?  I mean we’ve watched this attraction it feels like more than any in recent memory, and the anticipation has been palpable.  When oh when will the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train be open so we can ride?  Well we got our answer last Friday in a whirlwind day of Disney news releases: May 28th is the day.  Image

Cast Member previews as of this date have already started according to those I know in the parks.  As well when Disney released the Fast Pass + option for booking opening day it crashed the system.  This was certainly not good for Travel Agents like me who were in that same system booking FastPass+ and Dining Options on a day where Free Dining was announced 🙂  But it shows the anticipation in a literal way, people have craved this attraction for some time.  I think this is because there isn’t one Disney fan out there who doesn’t love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I mean really, on a visceral level, it’s right up there with Mickey Mouse.  It’s the original, the one that started it all right?  And in some ways we all have that childlike sensibility about these characters that makes us love them all.

If you go online you can find virtual ride throughs and as well you can discover your “Dwarf” name!  Check out the links below to experience what you can “virtually” from the comfort of your own home if waiting until your next trip is not going to do for your needs!

We’ll of course stay on this opening and let you know of any news worthy updates!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Interractive Links:

All about the Interractive Queue

Virtual Ride Through

A Look At the Audio Animatronics

Check Here For Additional Accessibility Info

Mother’s Day, So Far Away

While I am now about 2,000 miles from my mother, grandmothers or mothers in law, thankfully with cell phones and social media there is a closeness that I can achieve.  But, there was a Mother’s Day about 12 years ago where I had none of these things, and was far away.

I had just begun working at Walt Disney World, and was assigned to work in MGM (what it was called then) that Sunday Morning.  I woke, put on my costume, arrived at work and then I saw it all before me.  The hundreds of Moms wearing corsages in their lapels.  Never had I felt more homesick than in that moment.  We hit capacity that day, and had to stage admittance for Guests.  So everywhere I turned there was a Mom and her kids enjoying Disney.  And all I could think of was my own Grandmother.  And how much I wanted her there.

At break I found my way to a pay phone, and like the excellent Mother she is, my Grandmother had sent me a phone card (remember those) for just such an occasion.  I dialed her number and waited.  Her voice came on the line, tiny and far away.  If you’ve never spoken to my Mammaw, she sounds like Snow White.  Not kidding, just like Snow White.  She has retained her little girl voice.  And I started to cry.  She started to cry.  It was a mess.  But, one thing I could manage to choke out was “I love you, and I miss you and I am at the Happiest Place on Earth and all I can think of is how I wish you were here with me to enjoy it.”  A few fellow CMs walked by, a couple smiled empathetically.  One stopped and touched my shoulder. But, all I wanted in that moment was to hold my Mammaw.

You see, my Mammaw was the first person to take me to Disney World.  She took me a total of 15 times.  So to me, it’s our place.  It’s always been that way.  She loved me from the first moment she saw me, and I her.  There is a special bond there, one that I know will never be replaced.  And since my time as a Cast Member we’ve gone back together several times, even with her great-grandchildren in tow to experience Disney with Mammaw.  Because, she brings a special magic all her own to the trip.  An optimistic way of travel, a knowing way of making even a Disney disappointment (crowds, lines, travel plans not working out) fully come into perspective.  “A rough day at Disney is better than the best day at Work.”  My Mammaw is one of the most special people I have ever been graced to know.  A beautiful person, inside and out.  A remarkable woman who never has stopped moving and knowing that good news is just as sure as the sun shining.  She to me is Disney.  Ever shining, ever glad, ever happy in the simple joys life brings us.

So cheers to all of you Disney Moms out there, like my Mammaw, who infuse a special way into your days.  Into your children’s lives.  Who can make even cleaning the house into a game, and make trips and vacations into adventures.  Happy Mother’s Day to us all, and may we forever take solace in the simple joys that life brings us.